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Who am I?

So who am I to be telling you all these things about conscious movement? I’m Meg a Riding Coach and Yoga teacher and Conscious Movement for Riders is my amalgamation of both.

A little bit of me...

I’ve ridden since I was 4 years old and at 16 I studied equine science at college, once qualified I returned home to become a head groom at a local showing yard which sent me around the country to all the top shows, I then got the opportunity to set up my own yard, and I’ve always loved to pass knowledge on so this yard was to become a training centre.

For 14 years from the age of 18 - 32 I ran this yard, teaching and coaching thousands of people from total beginners to competitive riders. I gained my BHS intermediate instructors qualification in my mid twenties and continued to study many different types of equitation. I also competed at a national level in showing and at Advanced level in dressage.

Throughout this time I had an illness called M.E which left me at times very weak and unable to do an awe full or, yet riding was always where I felt strongest, sometimes I couldn’t walk but I could always sit on a horse and for some reason the horse always responded well, when others tried everything to brute force my soft weak body would get the answer which made me think...what was I doing that others could not?

At the age of 29 my health took a very big downturn and so the decision was made to sell the yard and give myself some time to heal. The NHS could help so I went on a holistic journey to find some answers, from clean eating, veganism, mindfulness, meditation and yoga, my horse life changed too, at 32 I hung up my competition boots for a while and stripped everything back, learning to ride with no tack, just through breath and movement.

Conscious Movement for Riders is everything I have learnt, and hopefully a new way of thinking to help you get the best from your relationship with your horse, and don’t worry you can continue to compete, ride with tack and eat meat if you wish, this is me bringing everything together for you to find the key.



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