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Standing Forward Fold This week we’re going to talk about this pose, how we can use it, what it’s great for, how to modify it, and how to take it deeper. Today is all about the lines of energy that run through the back line of the body. In Yoga the back line is from the tip of the big toe, along the sole of the foot, up the back of the legs, spine, Head and to the third eye at the centre of the eye brows.

Uttanasana is all about lengthening the whole of this back line, so when you’re in it, it’s not just about touching your’s about extending the full length of your back as well as your legs. Think about drawing that third eye and crown of the head down towards the shins and then to the big toe, extend the length of the lower back and upper spine, feel your pelvis rotate so the seat bones point upwards and draw the belly towards the thighs, this ultimately extends the full back body and not just the shoulders and legs (which reaching for the toes does). Tomorrow we’ll look at how we can extend the spine and not just the hamstrings.

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