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Ripples and chatter

"If you can control the minds chatter into ripples then you have achieved yoga." In the western world we mostly think of yoga as a moveemnt based exercise, but the truth about yoga is that is only one part. The word Yoga means to yoke, to bring together, to connect. And the major part of that brining together is the mind and the body, brining the mind into the present where the body sits and quietening the chatter that takes the mind away from the NOW. Through many different processes we draw the minds attention away from the stories it likes to tell, the narrative that ticks along and we start to train it to be still. With some ths takes time, patience and learning what works for them and what doesn't, for others this happens the within their first practice and suddenly every practice after that is searching for that connection. Yoga isn't about touching your toes, we just use movement to work through the body, to release holding patterns physically and mentally and to change the rythyms within. True yoga is about connection, and how we connect inwards as well as outwards. This is why when we fall onto the yoga path, we start looking at all our connections in a different light, because how we connect with the outside world, the way we judge, treat and behave with people is all a reflection of how we connect with our inner selves.

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