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A brain explosion

Today’s been a brain explosion kind of day, that day where all the images you’ve held so tightly in your head for so long suddenly become real life.

Every emotion flooded through me today, and I felt every single one so strongly that sometimes I couldn’t breath.

But it was amazing, and then exhausted and happy, she rose, to show me that it’s going to be incredible and that the universe truly does have my back.

No this is not the sunset, this is the full moon rising and my god she’s gorgeously powerful. She brought me to tears as I sat and watched her just now, a realisation that tomorrow starts the journey of the next chapter and that all my dreams are about to come true.

All my sacred symbols have been showing up for me this week, dragonflies, magpies and of course the sun and moon. They’re all the universe telling me that it’s going to be was a brain exploding kinda day and tonight I lay so happy I could burst, as tomorrow under the power of the full moon, my new life begins, our 4 day long wedding starts.

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