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Be like Enry

Talking of sheep, we’ve just watched the Derren Brown program called The Push on Netflix.

Amazing how we instinctively align ourselves with others and follow the heard. I always knew this and fight against my instincts to follow all the time, but this program really highlighted how others can redirect your life in ways that you never wanted them to go. And earlier a friend sent me a picture of a page of writing and this jumped out...

“Many of us find we have squandered our own creative energies by investing disproportionately in the lives, hopes, dreams, and plans of others. Their lives have obscured and detoured our own.” How often have we let go of our true selves for others, to please, to fit in, to be part of the heard? How often has our paths been guided a different way, manipulated by others, changed.

This picture above is of Enry the sheep, he certainly stands out from the crowd, he’s a different colour to the rest, he has a huge personality and isn’t afraid to be different, he leads when others follow, he trusts humans and believes he’s something more than just a sheep, he shines from the crowd and owns his own space. Instead of following the heard, changing your yourself to fit in, letting go of your dreams and aspirations to be accepted, be like Enry...a sheep that stands out and shine like the person you’re meant to be...your people will find you and you’ll make your own heard...don’t sell yourself short for others, raise yourself up and bring others with you. Through Enry doing this, he’ll live a long a loved life, as he’s intertwined his way into our lives by being himself, the others...well that’s a whole different story. Take back your power and do your thing.

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