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Nature teaches me a lesson

Nothing is forever...nature again teaches us that life is constantly the snow melts and the white fields turn slowly back to our brown and green teaches me to make the best of what we have as soon it will pass.

This will become a memory that we speak about in years to come and we will be in a different place, a different time and feel different things, nothing stays the same and as it changes we loose one beauty for the next, soon the birds will be singing and the flowers will be blooming and nature will give us a whole new treat.

So live for the present, whatever that present is, look for the beauty and find the gratitude, in past years I’d have worked and worked just to try and keep going, to not let the weather beat me, but this time I made a conscious decision to embrace it, don’t get me wrong, doing animals and keeping a farm going is exhausting but it was also great fun, working as a team and carrying my camera everywhere I made sure I captured the beauty and took it all in, the time inside was spent planning and researching for when the days become long and the nights become short, but I also relished the warmth of the fire, appreciated extra time given with loved ones and when we had a spare hour we embraced our inner child, took advantage of the toys we have and had some fabulous fun, making memories that will last a life time. In past years I’ve just moaned about the weather, stressed about the loss of money and missed the beauty. This year I chose to see it differently, I chose to find its beauty. What’s your lessons from our winter wonderland? What have you learnt about yourself? What would you do differently next time it snows? How did you stay present? What memories will you keep forever to speak about when you’re old and grey? Remember with each day comes a new opportunity to make memories, don’t ever forget that.

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