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Space...sometimes you have to sit outside to find the space inside. A big sky, a big field and a chance to breathe. Do you ever get the feeling that it becomes to crowded in your head? That overwhelming feeling of noise?

This is when I retreat to my horses, I sit and watch, I watch the simplicity of their life, not in envy but in inspiration, I watch how they live in peace and tranquility, how they don’t hold grudges and how they always approach from a place of love. How each day brings new challenges but at the same time they keep it simple. Eat, rest, socialise, sleep. They’re expectation is always from a place of curiosity and openness. I sit and wonder to myself how often I approach someone with no guards up, how often I head into a new situation with no past judgement and I think....I could learn a lesson or two from these creatures. My forever teachers, my gurus, my loves.

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