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Yoga Sutra 1.2 for the modern world

“If you can control the rising waves of the minds chatter into ripples then you have achieved yoga” This second Sutra explains the “goal” of yoga. That by using the techniques we manage to find a quietening of the monkey brain, a stilling of rollercoaster of emotions and a chance to find peace within.

We start on or mat, and watch where the mind goes, how it likes to compare or contrast, how your practice is judged as good or bad depending on what posture you could or could not do, how you hold your self worth on how deep you can fold into a posture or how high you can raise a leg, and then we start to realise that it’s not about that, that ultimately we release the bodies from their outer hold on us to go inwards and the mind follows to a place of peace. So when you next get on the mat, explore where your mind takes you without joining the ride, see what you would normally hang your practices experience on and then see what happens if you let that go.

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