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Yoga Sutra 1.5 for the modern world

There are five activities of the consciousness. Each of them can be beneficial and each can cause problems. This Sutra reminds us that the way the mind thinks can skew between painful and painless.

A thought may start as painless but as time goes on it may become painful if used in the wrong way. This Sutra reminds us to see our thoughts, recognise them, see where their root lies and how they manifest.

If a thought is used with a negative energy the result of it will be painful.

Although our ultimate goal is to clear the mind, this process isn’t immediate, you have to be able to watch you thoughts and learn to separate from them, see where they go and where they come from. Through this awareness we can see how our thoughts can affect our emotions, if we are truly aware of how our consciousness can cause different perspectives then we can truly start to unravel and step away from the emotions. Once we make the space between our thoughts and our true selves we can see that our thoughts don’t define us, we can choose to change them, we can take a different path. This frees us up and allows us to find our own paths.

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