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Yoga Sutra 1.15 for the modern world

“Through Practice we find that our ability to detach from wants and desires grows, we find that we can see the space between the object and the thought and we can remove our need for it.”

Detachment shouldn’t be misinterpreted as indifference, but as we practice we see that our desires have a seed and we can start to trace back further than just reacting to the initial thought. This Sutra reminds us that behind each thought there is a seed and as we practice we can start to become less reactive and much more aware. Gradually a space becomes between the thought and the action and when we see the space we can start change the response. Instead of immediately reaching for our desires or pinning our lives on a need, we can see where this thought is stemming from, letting go of the ties that hold us and allow ourselves the freedom to live without cravings or needs. This doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy life, entirely the opposite we learn to enjoy life more but from a place of freedom rather than ties. The simple practice of maintains a posture whilst focusing on the breath and not immediately exiting when the mind tells us to teaches us this, the more we practice the stronger this lesson becomes.

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