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Nature is calling

Here is the River Deben running through the farm, I sit on this bridge and breathe, it’s the place where I find healing and it’s so beautiful, full of life but peace too.

As I walked through this landscape this morning I felt blessed that I have this in my life, I thought of all the people that don’t and I sent them natures love.

Nature is so healing, it’s a place to be still and it’s a place to really feel free, free of all the expectations and labels and of societies pressure.

I urge you, if you feel over whelmed by life, if the world is just feeling too noisy and you feel everything is heading towards you at 100mph please travel out to the countryside and take a walk, maybe even in silence but make sure you take it in. The majority of this world is beautiful landscapes with animals and life buzzing around but with not chaos or stress, it’s a great place to remind yourself that the stuff that feels huge, is actually only a small part of this amazing universe and life can go on without that madness and noise....

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