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Do what you love

You can do some thing you love in the wrong way and it turns into something you resent. It can turn into a weight that you carry rather than bring you lightness and ease, we can all start something with great purpose and ideas and gradually as others get involved as the modern world of “achieving” and “striving” takes hold the essence is lost and it just becomes separate to the original dream.

I dreamt my whole life of working with horses, but slowly over the years what was my dream became so separate to me that it became another weight to carry...I’m in the process of finding that love once more, I don’t ride much because it feels still like a job than my love, but spending time breathing with these creatures, smelling their smells and building a bond, that is my love. If you’ve lost sight of your dream under all the jargon of red tape and social convention, maybe strip it back, find what you really loved about it and start from there this time asking yourself when decisions come up does it align with my dream rather than does it take this project forward and feel your way through it rather than think. Because life’s to short to give up our dreams our happiness for the sake of others.

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