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Love it enough...

There is a story about a sage who was walking along a road, he stumbled across a man meditating, he’d be doing this for so long an anthill had grown around him, the man looked up and asked the sage, “you are a man of god, how long will I have to be here until o achieve enlightenment?” The sage replied “oh you’re nearly there about ten more lifetimes” the meditating man jumped up and became very angry “10 more! I’ve already been her 10 lifetimes already” he then stomped off.

The sage continued walking and came across another man, this time he was singing, he stopped singing and asked the same question. The sage responded with “that tree your sitting under, the amount of leaves on that tree is the amount of lifetimes”. There must have been over a thousand leaves, but the man said with a smile, that’s brilliant, at least I have a number, I can now stay focused and work towards that number, thank you so much.

In that moment the man was enlightened, even though in the morning he had a thousand more lifetimes to get there, because he was prepared to do it with a joy in his heart and a belief in the process he had dropped his sense of ego and found his peace.

If we do what we do with a sense of it being owed to us, of hurrying it to come and of annoyance when it doesn’t we never do it with true passion, when we drop the ego and allow our heart to lead, when we do what we do from a place of love and we do it daily, we find that it doesn’t matter how long it will take, as we are enjoying the process and we know that we will get there eventually.

It’s the people that succeed are the ones that do it with their whole heart, with total belief it will happen and with no worries about how long it will take, these are the people that will find the greatest enlightenment of all, peace within themselves.

You can have everything, all the equipment all the backing, but if you don’t have the love, the belief, and the trust in the process, the trust in the little things coming together to make a bigger thing, you won’t make it past the first stage as you’ll give up when the road gets rocky or it takes too long as you won’t love it enough.

So whatever you do, love it, love it enough to not worry about time, love it enough to not worry about failure, love it enough to not worry about what you look like to others, start from love and it will come, you then just have to believe.

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