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The snow is back!!

And whilst clearing off an old Instagram I found this, from the last time we had heavy snow and my life was very different! For those that don’t know my previous life I’m also a riding instructor, I taught people to ride, trained people for competition and competed myself for over 15 years before throwing my life into the air and starting again. I loved my life but it didn’t fit my health, my body or my mind. Although we had lots of fun, like making snow dragons!! I was never truly happy, I was always looking for something more...I was looking outwards to people, to things, to results in order to make myself happy. I’m a type A person, driven, forward thinking and always wanting to do everything 100%, I haven’t always been the chilled yogi you see now. I used to live my life stressed, always busy, and never enough time for the people I really loved.

I feel grateful to my illness for giving me a reason to change, but I also feel grateful to the journey I’ve had. It’s taken nearly two years for me to be able to look back at pictures of my yard, of my horses and of my old life and I now look back with love and gratitude. Easter weekend 2016 I sold the business and jumped into the unknown...and now I’m doing this! I can’t believe how lucky I am, but I also want to inspire others, you don’t have to do one thing for the whole of your life, you can live a hundred lives, all you have to do is live each life 100% with love and presence. Never let fear stop you from changing, if I’d had let fear stop me I wouldn’t be your yoga teacher and I wouldn’t be doing this. I also would never had started my first business and I wouldn’t have met the people I have along the way. So enjoy today and don’t be afraid of what you love and when you stop loving it, do something else. If I can teach you anything it’s you can be whoever you want to be, all you have to do is work hard, be brave, and believe in yourself. The rest will open up to you in time. Happy snowy Saturday everyone #snow #snowman #snowstatue #art #snowart #yogalife #practiceandalliscoming #yogaeverydamnday #yoga

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