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And then the light floods in....

Sometimes all we need is a crack in the layer of darkness to allow the light to flood in, one small chink and suddenly we open, open to new life, to new ideas and new ways.

So when you’re feeling overwhelmed don’t feel like everything has to change at once, start small, find a place to let the light in, and then gradually the light will outshine the darkness and the barriers you we’re worried about shedding will drop away without a thought.

We spend years building these barriers, the walls around us to keep us safe, it’s huge to “just” let them go, and normally what happens if we do let go too quickly is they shoot back up stronger than ever at the slightest trigger.

But if you work patiently, slowly, you let the cracks form and then, invite the light in, you’ll find you stay open for longer, you’ll have built your center so strong that you won’t need the external barriers anymore as your internal strength will hold you.

So today, start small, and let a bit of light in, in the knowledge that Little by Little and with patience gradually you’ll get there.

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