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Labels...the badges we wear to identify us, but what do those labels do to us? Do they raise us up or hold us back? Do they put expectations on us to act a certain way, to dress a certain way?

What happens when we identify so much with the label, do we loose our true self? Our ability to be different, to mould, and change and flow with life?

As humans we are complex beings, we love so many different things, and one label will never encompass all of us, it will always miss bits of us.

So what happens if we ditch the label, what sits underneath? Does it give us freedom to be and change and flow?

I’ve been so many different labels already and I plan to be many more, but ultimately underneath those labels’t changed. Yes sometimes I’ve lost my identity by identifying to much with one label, I’ve lost my flexibility by trying being one type of person, but those who know me know I’m a million things. And underneath the labels I place on myself and others place on me, I’m just me.

My mission in life is to not attach to the labels, to be free and from there to allow my soul to shine, each day a little more.

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