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Yoga Sutra 1.10 for the modern world

Deep sleep is where no thought occurs and where the mind rests. This Sutra is a jolt to remind us of how important a good nights sleep is, and how when we allow ourselves a good quality sleep our body will return to its natural state and the mind will still. In deep sleep the breathing deepens, the body surrenders and the mind becomes free of all activities. (Sound familiar) This is what we try to achieve when practicing on our mats!

In today’s world sleep is often the last thing on our list of important things and especially now we have technology to keep us awake for longer we get less quality sleep.

But if we allow ourselves a proper nights sleep, if we give ourselves a good bedtime routine, turn off devices or leave them outside the bedroom, have some chilled yoga and a breathing practice, a hot bath and then bed we are more likely to achieve this stage of raw being.

And each time we allow ourselves this time it gives our mind and body a chance to rest to prepare for the next day.

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