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It’s raining, it’s dull, but sitting on this tree stump feeling the droplets hitting my body and listening to them fall is the most peaceful I’ve been all week.

Sitting has become a huge part of my personal practice, stillness and the exploration of the mind has become my go to when life becomes busy. This keeps me grounded, chilled and most of all connected to what’s most important in life. It’s easy to get pulled out of the simpleness of what we need to survive, to persuade ourselves we need more, wedding planning is the epitome of that, with so many opinions and expectations it’s easy to feel you need to spend so much, and have so much. But ultimately a wedding is a celebration of love, love for one another and love for the life you share and the people in it. This process has been a huge practice of coming back, over and over again, reminding myself that I am enough and that what we have is enough, reminding myself that the life we lead is void enough and our wedding just needs to be an extension of that, nothing more, no big extravagant occasion, just a simple celebration of love.

Today the trees reminded me of how strong I am, they reminded me of the beauty that lies deep within and to come back, to keep coming back, to what is true for myself and Tim, no one else. Today I breathed in Love and released my fear, today I surrendered.

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