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India Part 2

India you taught me so much, your energy that you vibrate on is so powerful and your soul shines so bright. Before this holiday I’d got myself in an age old pattern of work and little else, and yes I love my work so much it doesn’t feel like work but I’d neglected me, I wasn’t eating properly, the house wasn’t getting cleaned and my practices were getting shorter, telling myself I’m ok I’m happy and it will be fine.

Then the week before my left ankle cracked again an old horse riding injury that flares up when I’m run down, then my left shoulder went and I knew I was in for a shift of consciousness. Literally like my body was cracking open to let the light back in. For the week I was away I was ill every day bar one. Sleeping most of the time and with heart palpitations and dizziness playing huge parts of the feels of India, yes this was due to the fact I ate wheat and dairy mistakingly but it gave me a huge kick by the universe to slow down and seriously listen. By the last day I heard it all....stop fucking around trying to be something bigger than you are, stop building another thing that’s so time consuming your head is buried in the beautiful sand that you’re not loving yourself enough and stop this whole “busy” thing you hate so much yet do so easily. Nourish yourself, not just in mantras but in food, in music, in love and give yourself time...time to be totally still and silent...time to make treats, plant flowers, do your washing and drink tea with friends. Stop fucking around! This may sound harsh words from the universe, teaching is not fucking around unless your hiding out there, not facing up to heres that honesty.... When I sold my yard I promised I wouldn’t get back into running something that took up so much time and boom I have....I want more time to be creative, to write more, to get outside, to bring people together in different ways, and to eat yummy food that’s not going to make me ill. (Guys with #mecfs or any other medical unknown I’ll write a blog about my discoveries in india) So I’m changing up my lesson timetable, less regular classes leaving me time to make food and self care. Don’t worry there will still be daily classes but I’m getting my head out of my ass and not trying to do everything, the classes will be what feels right to me and not what I think I should be offering and as the warmth of the earth starts to build they will head outside to start to connect with her vibrations more. So if you receive a cancellation email, this is what’s happening. I’m sorry, but I teach you all to put yourself up there and I feel it’s only true to lead by example. For those that want things like mum and baby etc I will do one offs and also embrace you bringing your little ones to the beach or to the park with you, but the beautiful @cakeandlizzie is setting up a full blown studio in Framlingham that will have all we’ve dreamed of around here with classes by many different instructors including me, it’s called @matspaceframlingham so that’s a great place to check out of you want a regular mum and baby or mum and tots class. The yoga room will be a cave of creativity and joy with friends, I’ll still have guest workshops by close friends who I want to share this journey with but ultimately it will be my space to hold my classes and not trying to be a studio that holds everything for everyone, it will just be a reflection of me. So that’s the answers I discovered in India when I had time to sit and listen...welcome to the new me.

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