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The truest energy of all is love, if you observe new born babies, animals and nature you see that there is pure unconditional love in every breath that’s taken.

But as time passes and humans place their layers of life over themselves this love gets shrouded by fear, even animals that have had bad experiences from humans will hold that fear.

But it’s us that form this fear, and when we start to live from a place of fear we make decisions that aren’t true to our alignment, that aren’t true to ourselves, they become decisions because we’re fearful of the outcome and we end up binding ourselves into smaller and smaller boxes until one day we can’t breathe.

When we learn to live from a place of love once more we open, like a flower opening to the light, we allow ourselves to feel alive once more, we make decisions because they feel good not because we’re worried about the outcome, we listen to our bodies and we own our own choices. Suddenly when we start to do things and think things from a place of love the world becomes a little more simpler, as our true selves are allowed to shine.

My meditation regularly is the mantra “I inhale love and I exhale my fears” as each day new fears crop up, new layers of control I’ve set show through, so each day I learn to try and let them go, to see things from the angle of love not fear and to let go of the need to control everything because I’m worried about the outcome.

Wedding planning, business decisions and life planning all bring up fears in me, but once I acknowledge that how I’m seeing it is from a place of fear I return to look at it from a space of love, and suddenly I see the light rather than the darkness and I find my peace. Have a beautiful Monday tribe, and remember to breathe in love

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